You Have Arrived

“Rediscovering your body’s wisdom."

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Doula Services

Loving, caring, and knowledgeable support before and during your rite of passage.

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Childbirth Education

Understanding your body’s wisdom and preparing yourself and your partner for birth.

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Placenta Medicine

Replenish yourself after birth by consuming your placenta’s magic.

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Postpartum Closure

Meant to hold space, honor all the changes your body has undergone and let it go.

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Birthingway Rituals

Mystical women gathering created to nurture and empower your new self for birth.

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Prenatal Yoga

Prepares your mind, body and spirit for transformation through physical movements.

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Therapeutic Massage

Allows your body to arrive, soften and restore with the help of wise and gentle touch.

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Reiki Healing

A hands-on technique used to heal universal life force energy blockages and find balance.

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Herbal Bath

A soothing, soaking warm bath to soften, relax and clean away what no longer serves you.

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Birth is a magical and sacred initiation

My name is Maria, and I’m a Student Midwife, Birth Doula, Placenta Encapsulator and Childbirth Educator.

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What I Do

Birth is a connection to our foremothers and the ancient wisdom of the divine feminine

My intention is to empower women to make autonomous decisions about their pregnancies, births, and babies.

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What my clients say

"One of the most memorable aspects of Maria’s offerings was her thoughtful rite of passage ceremony during my blessing way. She held the space with so much grace, intention and paid attention to so much detail. It was an experience I will never ever forget.
Maria is a skilled and compassionate birth worker and I would highly recommend her to any birthing body who needs support."

- A. Lucas (2018)

"Our son came two months prematurely, even before I had any sense of birth plan in place, but Maria had already asked so many questions in advance that I knew she was in tune with my wants, fears, questions, everything. My husband and I really felt connected with her and knew that she valued our questions and thoughts as we went through the scary and rushed process. She was a strong advocate and huge help in the delivery room among the 20+ emergency doctors. She helped keep me calm and at ease with everything that was happening, which was a lot."

– J. Sassani (2018)

"Maria’s knowledge, authentic nature, healing touch and energy filled me with grace and confidence! Her gentle but firm touch and energy is so grounding, nourishing and divine that I would leave our meetings feeling rejuvenated and supported. It was everything I dreamed for in a doula and anyone planning on a home birth, birth center or hospital would be blessed to have her by their side."

- J. Kowal (2019)

"I was blessed to be able to call Maria Herreros my Doula. The amount of insight she has into the birthing experience is incredible. She is calm, sensitive and so patient. Maria is so incredibly empathetic and practiced in the birth experience you feel her guidance and love as you would a close family member. If I ever am blessed with another baby to birth, I hope Maria will be present in my journey."

- A. Culbertson (2020)

"We had the incredible honor of having Maria as our doula. She calmed us, motivated us, informed us, coached us, and advocated for us. It was the hardest experience of our life, but it was also the most magical and incredible experience we’ve ever been through. After our baby was born, we said, “How could we have ever done that without Maria?” We now feel very connected to her on a personal level. We would highly recommend Maria to anyone planning to give birth."

- E. & E. Barisone (2021)

"Maria is a truly exceptional birth doula and childbirth educator. Under her guidance, I was able to confidently make an educated decision about the type of birth I wanted for my daughter. Her touch and presence are so grounding. I highly recommend her!"

- Kinga Rutynowski