Natural Births

Doula Services

Loving, caring, and knowledgeable support before and during your rite of passage.

As a doula,

As your doula, I will offer you guidance and advocacy during the last trimester of your pregnancy, labor, and the immediate postpartum period. I will be by your side and ensure you have all the tools to achieve a safe and rewarding birthing experience.

Photo by: Robin Weir

My work and nurturing care are a representation of traditional woman-to-woman support, and it intends to complement the care you will receive from your healthcare providers during your labor.

It is essential to understand that as your Doula, I am not a trained medical professional; therefore, I will not perform clinical tasks or make decisions about your care. But instead, I will work alongside your birthing team, which may include midwives, obstetricians, nurses, lactation consultants, and pediatricians.

I will offer attention to your physical comfort through techniques such as touch, active positioning, massage, and assistance with breathing and relaxation techniques between contractions.

Why have a doula?

Studies show that…

  • There is a reduction in length of labor.
  • A reduction in the number of complications and interventions.
  • There is less use of medications for pain relief.
  • Less operative vaginal delivery.
  • Significant decrease in rate of Caesarian deliveries.
  • A higher rate of breastfeeding success. 
  • There is improved self esteem.
  • There is a decrease in rates of post partum depression.
  • There is improved bonding, attachment and ability to care for the newborn.

Additionally, observational studies have proven that when Doulas are present, couples work in better harmony together and the partner feels more confident in offering adequate support, which has shown to improve birth outcomes.