Natural Births

Postpartum Closure

Meant to hold space, honor the changes your body has undergone and let it go.

As a women's health caretaker,

I am responsible for caring for you as a new mama and helping you bring healing to your family and community. 

Understanding how vulnerable you are as a new mother is essential for your transformation from maidenhood to motherhood, and it can help you recover from pregnancy and birth.

The Closing of the Bones is an ancestral Mexican ceremony known as "La Cerrada" or "Cierre de Caderas." It is a way to honor you as a mother and make space for the enormous shift, not only physical but mental and emotional state as well. Your body has gone through considerable changes. Your hips and feet become wider, your pelvic organs are displaced, your breasts swollen to hold the milk  to feed your baby and your psyche is altered by the rite of passage to conceive, carry and give birth to your baby.

This ceremony acknowledges the immense changes you have undergone in pregnancy and childbirth and assists you in bringing your spirit back into your body. Wrapping your body can supports your postnatal recovery; it guides your bones back into place, assists in realignment, helps shifts your pelvic organs, shrinks your uterus back to its pre-birth size, stimulates blood flow and helps reduces pain.

Once you experience the honoring of your extraordinary being, you will be able to experience a sense of calm and grounding to help you re-establish your sense of self.

If you wish, before your ceremony, think about the intention you want to offer. This intention can be many things! Like an opportunity for you to feel more feminine as motherhood takes all your space, a way for you to take care of yourself after childbirth, or celebrate your new life, your new self, and the new life you created. There's no right or wrong intention, and doing so, will give you a deeper meaning of the moment and space.

We will start with hot cacao or herbal tea on the day of your treatment, depending on your preferences. Then, we will take the time to talk about your wishes for your ceremony. Know that you are free to share your intention with me or not. 

As a ceremony guide, I will create a sacred healing space for the closure of your bones in a warm and quiet room. Lights will be dimmed if possible, and a mat and some blankets will be placed on the floor accompanied by soft music. Once you are ready to be blessed and open to received, I will begin with some smudging energy cleansing and invite you to lie on a mat on the floor. 

With the help of a manta, known as "rebozo," your beautiful hips that have widened and open to accommodate your growing baby and give birth will be gently rocked and pulled back into place. This gentle rocking motion is meant to soothe you while mindfully honoring the work your hips had to go through to bring a new life into this world.

If preferred, I will apply warm hypoallergenic oil, free of essential oils to your belly and massage it. The movements are slow, nurturing, and relaxing to help you bring your energy back to your center and enough awareness to fall in love with that beautiful part of your body where your baby grew.

Once I conclude the massage, I will proceed to wrap your body using seven rebozos tightly. As I wrap you, we will honor different parts of your energetic body—head, torso, belly, hips, thighs, lower legs, and feet. I will stay in the room with you in silence, holding the sacred space while you rest. Finally, with your consent, I will do Reiki energy work to help you find your center again, balance your energy and relax so you can let go of what no longer serves you.

 This beautiful Closing of the Bones ceremony is a practice that can be transformational for any postpartum mamas who are looking to find more peace within, no matter how long ago their postpartum happened. 

 To me, this is a profoundly powerful tool, and I believe every woman who has gone through an epic life change should experience it, especially women who have experienced pregnancy, labor, and birth. They have given so much; therefore, they deserve to have a moment where they only received.