Natural Births

Birthingway Rituals

Mystical women gathering to nurture and empower your new self for birth.

To be a woman

is an exquisiteness mix of the wildness blended with a touch of sweetness and a stream of emotions and intellect.

The affluent and evolving rise of women’s instinctive ancestral wisdom should be an opportunity to love being a woman. To create the space to discover how extraordinary women’s multiple inventiveness and ever-changing bodies, moods and phases are.

The purpose of this ceremony is to bring women together and to awaken our inner wild, howl under the moon and sit with the ever-changing phases of our bodies. We are creatures made of water, and like the ocean, our hormones rise with the changes of our bloody fluids ruled by the moon. We are often constantly searching and, for that reason, we need more time connecting, grounding and tuning with mother earth with other women. 

Blessing ceremonies call for women to bring back rituals under a sacred physical space, celebrate and empower birth initiation, and honor becoming a mother and being one. We, women, we're born so privileged. Some of us may experience the miracle of life in flesh; our bodies are an exquisite temple filled with magic. 

As we honor the mother-to-be, we celebrate all the women’s strength and beauty in the ceremony circle as life bringers.  This does not necessarily mean all have given birth to children. Some have birthed gardens, art, work, or other creative projects. As women, we all mother something, which is plenty to be acknowledged and honored in complete mindfulness and togetherness.

This ceremony is not like your typical baby shower where all the attention is focused on the baby. Instead, our main focus will be YOU.  The blessing will include an opening ritual, body smudge cleanse, grounding meditation, belly casting or belly henna painting, offerings, and rituals to the mother-to-be and closing ceremony.